Our Mission

Our mission at Stem Regen Medical is to provide our patients with considerable pain relief and the opportunity to live normally again, without the complications and risks that accompany surgical procedures and pain medication.

With our non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments and our expertise in the field of Regenerative Medicine therapies we can help relieve our patient’s pain, help them heal naturally and restore their body back to a healthy place.

At Stem Regen Medical we pride ourselves in the use of treatment protocols that are not only unique but also exceptionally effective. Whether our patients are looking for help with their spine or their joint problems or for overall wellness and rejuvenation treatments or even cosmetic treatments, we are here for them.

If you suffer from chronic pain, an orthopedic injury or have a degenerative condition, and have tried other treatments with no results, call us at one of our locations. Midtown, Manhattan (212) 867-1111 or Paramus, NJ (201) 368-2222 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Our Services

Softwave Therapy

Softwave Therapy

IV Nutrition Therapy

What Patients Say About Us

My Pain Has Gone From A 10 To 5
I’ve been having knee pain for a few years I chose to do the stem cell therapy procedure at this facility, The stem cell treatment has eased my pain along with wearing the knee braces, when I first started my pain was excruciating compared to how I’m feeling now my pain has gone from a 10 to 5 and I’m encouraged by continuing the treatment I’ll be ready to run the marathon it’s a great for knee treatment.
Tessa Right
I Had A Really Bad Tendon Pain And Guess What Happened, It Got Easily Handled!
“Excellent! I had a really bad tendon pain and guess what happened, It got easily handled! The doctor is really cool, the premises are spacious and luxurious.”
Anatoly K..
The Personalized Treatment For My Shoulder Issues Has Produced Results I am Very Pleased With
“My experience at Stem Regen has been very positive. The personalized treatment for my shoulder issues has produced results I am very pleased with. The PT I work with has a clear plan to resolve the issue with my shoulder and it is working.” Richard C.
Richard C.
They Have Provided Me With The Best Treatment Of All The Places I Have Tried
Stem Regen Medical has been treating me for injuries to my legs. They have provided me with the best treatment of all the places I have tried since my injury in 2018. The medical staff is both knowledgeable but also exceedingly kind and a great source of motivation.”
Lee A.

Our Locations

Paramus, New Jersey

66 NJ-17 Suite 150
Paramus, NJ 07652

Phone: (201) 368-2222


Midtown, Manhattan

7 W 45th St Floor 9
New York, NY 10036

Phone: (212) 867-1111